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In just 24 hours we can rehabilitate a full mouth with Same Day®. This revolutionary technique is based on the most advanced dental technology of the moment and the joint work of a group of specialists who take care of your case for a whole day

Same day implants

We rehabilitate the complete dental arch in less than a day using dental implants.

Same day teeth

We rehabilitate the complete dental arch using the patients own teeth (provided they are in good condition), using ceramic and zirconium veneers or crowns.

Warranty up to 20 years

In just 24h

Complete dental arch

Smile again

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    Doctor Pablo Avilés CEO en Avilés DDC clínica dental en Málaga

    Dr. Pablo Avilés

    Your dental health in the best hands.

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    Expert in digital dentistry, implantology and oral rehabilitation with more than 20 years of professional experience. He is a pioneer in Spain in the development of immediate function treatments using various techniques, including ALL ON 4/6 and zygomatic implants.

    Performed the first minimally invasive guided surgery in Andalusia and launched the concept of Digital Dental Clinic in 2016, an innovative way of understanding dentistry.

    Advanced Digital Dental Clinic

    We are in the heart of Malaga.

    Our clinic has the latest advances in advanced dental technology. Facilities of more than 1000m² and free private parking where more than 20 dental specialists work.

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    The treatment of Same Day is aimed at those people who have deterioration or absence of the maxillary bone, making it impossible to place dental implants using other techniques.

    Yes, the quality of the materials is very important when manufacturing the material. For example, peek, composite, acrylic or resin are very weak materials, which age, change color and wear out in a very short time, having an average life of 3 years. At Avilés Digital Dental Clinic we are committed to quality materials, such as titanium, zirconium or ceramics.

    No, this technique is not suitable for 100% of patients, and will be subject to variations according to the individual particularities of each case. There will be cases in which we need an extra appointment after 7 days to make any adjustment that has been pending, although this will only be in the most complex cases. If you want to know if your case is suitable for Same Day contact us asking for your first appointment.

    Thanks to dental technology and a group of specialists in Same Day we have managed to shorten surgery and postoperative times, in addition to performing the intervention in a 100% safe and painless way, without any risk to the patient.